At my church, when the pastor releases the children from "Big Church," he prays, "May they never know a time when they do not feel a part of the family of God." This always gets me teary. Because if there is one thing I pray for my kids, it is that they would feel the love of God. Always. That they would know it deep in their bones, and that the knowledge of that love would eek out in the way that they live their lives, treating everyone they meet with kindness and love. 

As a mom and as director of our children's program at church, I've seen many beautifully illustrated children's bibles, which have been important to me as I seek to teach my kids the stories of our faith. But for some reason, our bookshelf at home was lacking in imaginative, fictional stories that examined and explored the character of God. I wanted to change that.

About the Book

Not Especially Special is a 36-page, fully illustrated, hardbound children's picture book written for children ages 4-10.

The pen and watercolor illustrations by Emily Marie Henebrey, dripping with whimsy and sweetness, perfectly complement the text of the story. Kids will enjoy getting lost in the beautiful artwork, identifying different animals (you'll even see a few on the endangered list!), and trying to imagine what all those animals are carrying in their various knapsacks, suitcases, and, of course, backpacks.


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